Wall Cable Duct  infrastructure cabling

Attema offers the perfect solution for external installation of infrastructure cabling: a unique Wall Cable Duct (29122) specially developed for Multi Dwelling Units. This ensures that cables and cable ducts on the outer walls of flats and apartments are neatly covered.

High-rise buildings are increasingly being connected to fiber optic networks. This means more cabling on the outside of the outer wall, frequently alongside existing cables. Visually this was not always the finest solution, especially because the existing cable ducts were often damaged. Attema has the best solution for this. The new plastic wall cable duct can be used both to cover up new-to-install fiber optic cables but also to cover up existing type 4 stainless steel profiles and smaller sized COAX cable ducts.

The Attema Wall Cable Duct is attractively priced, easy to install and it can be painted in any desired colour. The result: an outer wall with a smooth finish.

Assembly instructions
Please visit our website at http://www.attema.com/en_NL/products/infra/ or contact our account manager at +31 (0)183 650 650 or through infra@attema.com. We will be happy to provide you with information.
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